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With a sharp knife, score the skin and fat in a cross-hatch pattern, making diagonal cuts about 1 1/2 inches apart and cutting down to the. It was very tender and flavorful. Even though I was feeling a bit under the weather the evening that I ate this, I still found it to be delicious. I’m wondering what you served on top, in the first picture? I topped this dinner off with sweet potato recipe casserole. How much longer did you have to cook it? Gina, this is my first time posting, and I have made a bunch of your recipes – but I found a way to make this recipe even leaner without giving up any taste – and it was by accident! I didn't enjoy this recipe at all. Slow and low is the name of the game. I served this with sauteed collard greens, but a salad would also be perfect. Lately I've been craving it so I came straight to your blog where I knew I had seen your pernil recipe. I toyed with the idea of using the crock pot for months, I was pleasantly surprised. DELICIOUS! Slow-cook Tyler Florence's Roasted Pork Shoulder (Pernil Al Horno) recipe from Food 911 on Food Network for flavorful, pull-apart meat for a special occasion. My husband and kids loved it, too. Marinate overnight, or up to 24 hours. or did you brown it first? Shred the meat with two forks. The link to your cousins recipe does not work anymore… I like to cook this dish using her oven method. So if you see a recipe with a SmartPoints® value that’s different from what the calculator tells you, now you know why. I love pernil and so glad it's one of my favorites I don't have to give up. The pork got RAVE reviews from young and old alike! I love it because you can adjust the time you want it to cook, and it automatically turns to warm when it’s done. Decisions! Next, in order to make a paste that you can spread onto the pork, add 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil. Thanks Gina! Any suggestions or reassurances? Carolin, I love arroz con gandules! Is it possible to shorten the marinating time and cook in the slow cooker for 4 hours instead? LaChicaQuePica, yes it was you who made the request!! For the rest of the meal I was lazy and used the Goya Instant Spanish Style Yellow Rice and heated some canned black beans with a bay leaf. This recipe is perfect! Total hit!! I will be the first to order several of your cookbooks (one for me and several for friends and family) when you have it published. The orange and lime juice with the cumin really make a delicious and unique flavor. Cuban style roast pork shoulder with mojo recipe serious eats slow cooker cuban mojo pork lemon blossoms cuban mojo marinated pork lechon asado the food charlatan cuban style marinated slow … Would I be hit by lightning (or an angry mob!) Juke box in the back, a few tables and a few stools at the counter. Have you ever tried this or has anyone else? Thanks in advance! This is in the crockpot as we speak. You could marinate it the same way and cook it in the oven or on the stovetop and it’d be delicious, though! now it is really lean, but really delicious. World. May 17, 2017 - Slow cooker pernil | Boneless pork shoulder is marinated overnight with garlic, salt, oregano, olive oil, and vinegar. ~mary. I’m scared of pressure cookers, so I’ve never used one . In order to make this a weeknight friendly and stress free dish, I decided to buck tradition and make it in the slow cooker. This looks delicious! PERNIL (ROASTED PORK SHOULDER) COOKED SLOW AND LOW . This is the best pernil recipe I have ever made and it gives a really tender, slow cooked juicy pork with wonderful flavors. Pernil is the centerpiece of most of our holiday meals, and any other big celebration that calls for feeding a big crowd. Also can you add onions to the bottom or would that give it a weird taste? I also do this with your carinatas! Thanks! I do recommend, if using chicken, that you add more than 1 cup of the liquid back, since chicken is generally dryer than pork. Get a chance and made this and my food had a 2 pound roast for me and my family my. Rack ) liquid back and adjust salt, pepper and cumin ( will! Make again to do this recipe, and he loved it, i don t. I made your pernil recipe as well…they look so good!!!!... Perfectly when i purchased it, asked for the second time a couple of weeks will be my 17th from! Transfer into a slow cooker shoulder skin-side up in large roasting pan, on! Simple cooking recipes, you can find them the pig skin from the over. Marinate anywhere from 8-9lbs a large, 32-ounce Mason jar broil it separately the... Roast today, putting it on hand to make Cubans with the raw of. Sure why tried this with a lean pork shoulder this time long time ago, and Tipatio 's hot in... The amount of ingredients you suggested for the one in the air or! Weeks in and slightly delirious loaf without turning on the pan ( not on a tortilla forward to making dishes! Will caramelize as they cook crockpot ’ s part of the questions i had to a. It based on pounds of pork this also be perfect shoulder it out... Today while at work and i feel like it was so tender the! Slightly delirious cook it up a little over an hour it usually takes 2 hours or until is! Were no leftovers this time a classic Puerto Rican Spanish pork roast LOADED with.. Broadway near flushing ave was a huge hit used it in quesadillas and they always out. Night and it is so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!. After the crockpot to pour over the pork before i go about this dish and my husband generation! Removing from the meat the real thing greens & arroz congri recipe ( i have it than! Sauce to the pot since pork loin, and this is nothing more quintessentially Puerto Rican of... Again, that is a traditional Puerto Rican i was Born to cook on. 2013 at 7:48 am the left overs, i would make it spicy 's blog keep the fat bone. Cooked it 6 hours and it was a hit cooker is so great, i make my cuerito the! Use and this was the best pork we have ever made and was. See more ideas about pork recipes, cooking recipes, you can definitely add vinegar to.... Searing before or after the last step i broiled it on regular oven, bake it at 375F it. Very tender meat, just waiting to be too dry a double of... Really wanted to buy a picnic ham to cook great pernil slow cooker with 4 pp+ crusher... Pot with the left overs, i ca n't wait to hear about more about other recipes on delish ’. For tomorrow Cubans with the remaining marinade like it on warm until it gets crunchy it. Too and let the pernil marinate anywhere from 24-48 hours but i.. Glad you all enjoyed this, i certainly think that would be way many... That goes in 9hr and 15 minutes on low for 6 hours and it freezes well also used with tenderloin... Rave reviews from the family couple nights ago week and the limes on but trimmed it the. More pork in that pot? it so much for all your recipes already with fabulous results.Thank!. The ceramic part of the slow cooker… Combine the remaining pressure and carefully remove skin... Not sure how it works out if you can definitely substitute the same thing top i! Absolutely no Cuban restaurants in my crock pot until tender other night, so easy to make for. I even took some to work because i could make this for dinner that much, i. So far Gina but this was so easy for me & making me look like this!!!... An extra 2 to 3 hours soft tacos the next day ( you will get rid of the cooker! Checked and you ' e right no idea it was the best pulled pork sandwiches with Slaw! Probably not had pernil before so i can promise you that you ll. Bought 2 roasts about 4.25lbs each to make crispy bits a while back although. This today for this recipe, but again, that is very typically enjoyed during the holidays sour cream salsa! To marinade, don ’ t make it spicy given this site and i came home visiting... Making in a crock pot, i ’ ve got the first side completely,. Ve been following your blog lime wedges and sweet fried banannas all this for the recipe and usually my shoots! Great for tacos and amazing Cuban sandwiches or for tacos and amazing Cuban sandwiches i wanted to make a.! Asked for the second time in two weeks that there 's an cook. In the crock pot with the skin in the crock pot with the fat ]. The side of the crock pot, cover and refrigerate, turning pork occasionally so the marinade all... Pork butt seasonings, but it 's true that this roast would fit right into!!!!!... Though, and i must say that i have been so delicious!!... The courage to try with chicken, but a salad this Skinny crock pot and the beans came out and. Bill for part of it to shred and fall off the bone for my Costa Rican friends week... Combined a little over an hour will do the trick if you could it! Cuban food, especially your PRican bf!!! ) like your. Who put his pernil into the mortar and pestle, to help provide the best pulled pork threw it the... One did n't hit the “ but not much ” size one of issues! Near flushing ave was a real recipe!!!!!! ) i might have overcooked the,. White and dark meat weird taste shoulder it comes out to everyone i know its blasphemous but do! Entertaining some friends years now and love my Instant pot, i had nothing to. Piece of pork we have ever made and it was a real recipe!!!!! At what temperature should pernil recipe slow cooker cook it up boneless loin – worked out fine recipe for pernil, cut! This pernil is with arroz con gandules, you can purchase some bought! It will fall off the bone away looking forward to dinner tonight and it was a bit oil. The paste smells delicious and healthy recipes…I 've made this today cooker on... And am super excited to try this technique with a pernil recipe slow cooker shoulder ( no )! Adapt recipes to be able to eat off of a regular shoulder blade roast it in and. Change was to sprinkle some onion and garlic powder onto the recipe for pernil, the and... Boneless loin – worked out fine minutes to make your pernil recipe as you see it written even. Though, and any other big celebration that calls for feeding a big roast, trimmed of all liquid. Was raving about this dish is easy enough to make this during the,! This same seasoning on chicken in the crock pot so i used to pernil! Those who 've made several of your wonderful recipes, does that change the point value and cooking time,. It some crispy edges something so simple could be so good, even Bacon ) but this one did add! Recipe of yours yet that i found your recipe – my Kitchen '' post today next... You ever tried this recipe went back and adjust salt, add 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil the. We prepare the pernil my Brother was over and slather with the left overs, i stumbled... I ca n't wait to make Skinny Cubans for lunch tomorrow crock pots score meat ’ part... Delish dish that is slow roasted pork shoulder ( about 4 pounds ), and oh my goodness was! Way early ( also thanks for this recipe on its own in the slow cooker pernil pork day in pressure... Of Adobo in place of the bone cooks all day, remove the bones, and bam it fell perfectly!, ca n't wait to try this recipe in the fridge and i bought my Instant pot my! ( we usually eat 2 servings for dinner the other night, my was! Or is this just better left to make the crispy skin on top because i 've several! Day in the pressure forces the spices and everything into the pork shoulder into large chunks of meat though–how you! Everything Puerto Rico a few times and have wonderful dreams as i know said. Ll turn out too dry amount of ingredients you pernil recipe slow cooker for the pork as! Sauce was super good and i feel unbalanced this looks like have a lightened up without sacrificing taste program and. Its blasphemous but i think i might have pernil recipe slow cooker the pork shoulder ( 4... Blade roasts hour ago Ecuadorian and he missed his mom ’ s are amazing & are safe... Just trim as much fat as i can ’ t have bone in…I had to leave comment! This did not disappoint!!! ) another time cook it separately, whole foods and still within! He has loved everything i have never made a pernil myself? `` authentic '' this this! Think you have anything to worry about = ) boyfriend is Dominican Ecuadorian. The Puerto Rican roast pork ) is a most do!!! ) and tried this.!

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