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So while they likely wouldn't have approved of Garak killing Senator Vreenak...doesn't that Sisko quote mean they didn't have a major issue with trying to fool the Romulans (fake data rod)? Meme status confirmed year 2005 origin usenet tags star trek vreenak fake gif somethingawful movie quote about its a fake is an exploitable catchphrase stemming from the strange delivery of the line by romulan senator vreenak in an episode of star trek. Senator Vreenak Trelane. Unless he was once with the Tal Shiar, I don't see how someone who worked with a former Obsidian Order agent wouldn't be able to fool him. Senator Vreenak was discretely contacted by Captain Sisko of Deep Space 9 who attempted to inform him of a Dominion plot to invade Romulus. Share the best GIFs now >>> PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a random image. Garak learns that a senator named Vreenak is on a diplomatic mission to a neutral planet to meet with Weyoun, the chief Vorta overseer for the Dominion war effort. ** If Garak was indeed playing Sisko from the beginning, then is it possible that ''he'' was the one who required the bio-mimentic gel?It's not inconcievable inconceivable that he could have already had a Data-Rod in his possession, plus Bashir mentions that the gel can be used to create organic explosives, and the bomb Garak used to kill Vreenak obviously had to come from ''somewhere''. For Sisko to obtain the data rod, he needs to trade it for some of Dr. Bashir’s bio-mimetic gel, which he is reluctant to give until ordered. Let’s ask our resident expert, senator Vreenak: Blog; Forget Mainstream Media, Senator Vreenak Knows What’s Up! The joke seems to be based on a real correction that CNN was actually forced to issue about Ted Lieu and his energy bar By Sushma Karra Published on : 22:47 PST, Jan 15, 2021. Senator Vreenak is never wrong. Inline Feedbacks. It transpired that AMD had picked up a render for the animation sequence from a 3D modeling company called TurboSquid, and had to backtrack — hardly what you’d expect from Redmond’s hardware partner. Here's the truth behind viral screenshots on Senator Ted Cruz's QAnon pin. Vreenak was a Romulan senator who appeared in the Star Trek: DS9 episode "In The Pale Moonlight". I just don't buy Garak's comments in the end of the episode. That got the internet chattering, but unfortunately the render was, in the words of Romulan Senator Vreenak, a fake. He ain't buying it now. Dad got a genuine Cardassian data rod, made a fake recording, and he was OK (in the end) with what Garak did to Senator Vreenak. The caption "It's a faaaaaaake!" He was portrayed by Stephen McHattie. After Starfleet approves, Garak needs Grathon Tolar, a prisoner of the Klingons with an expertise in holographic forgery, released and then obtains a Cardassian secure data rod to make the fake recording seem authentic. Romulan Senator who was instrumental in the negotiation of a non-aggression pact signed with the Dominion in 2373. With things like this, you have to consider the intended audience. For all we know he got into a shouting match with the Romulan senator for 10 minutes. Fake resume meme. Uploaded by Shrewsbury It's a Fake! Sisko gives Vreenak the recording, but the senator discovers the forgery and vows to expose the deception. Its more a display of completely incompetence. Conclusion. Not long after an enraged Vreenak … He got burned by THE SISKO before. Having been elected in 2360, he was secretary of the war plans council, vice-chairman of the Tal Shiar, and a trusted advisor of Romulan Proconsul Neral. newest. Copy to Clipboard. Senator Vreenak arrives on Deep Space Nine while on his way back from Soukara. A character in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "In the Pale Moonlight". "Christie's spokesman Rik Pike stood behind the authenticity of the auction and said the disgruntled buyer's case had no merit. In 2374 he was shown evidence of the Dominion planning to invade Romulus, but denounced it as fake. — has probably gone to my head, but I’d like to second the motion for Senator Vreenak as a future possible addition! Was it really worth that price? Probably not an accomplishment to tell people. Let’s ask our resident expert, senator Vreenak: That’s right. Jeez. ... Kansas City Shuffle: Elim Garak expected from the start the Romulan senator would realize the recording was a fake, and planted a bomb on the senator's ship as soon as he arrived. I always wondered how Vreenak knew it was a fake since it first came out. Forget Senator Lindsey Graham, Romulan Senator Vreenak knows what's up. Pictures of him are posted to message boards to indicate that some comment, picture, video, or other material is fake, forged, or otherwise suspicious. It transpired that AMD had picked up a render for the animation sequence from a 3D modeling company called TurboSquid, and had to backtrack — hardly what you’d expect from Redmond’s hardware partner. View all comments. 112 I also played Zefram Cochrane in "Star Trek: First Contact". may overlay the image, or the image may stand on its own. "It's a fake!" When he brought it to a convention to have it signed, actor Brent Spiner explained that he'd already sold the well-known visor in a personal sale; like Senator Vreenak, Moustakis had been given a fake. oldest. When Senator Vreenak first meets with Sisko, they have a casual conversation with Sisko trying his best to convince Vreenak of the benefits of siding with the federation (without having to resort to the forged holo recording). Uploaded by Shrewsbury It's a Fake! 7/05/18 7:00PM • Filed to: Ant-Man. He was just covering the bases. - Romulan Senator Vreenak (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) ===== The thing about surveys is creating the perfect avatar so that you are accepted and able to complete the most amount of surveys. That got the internet chattering, but unfortunately the render was, in the words of Romulan Senator Vreenak, a fake. He is a Romulan senator. This whole conversation Vreenak is drinking a replicated bottle of Kali-fal (a Romulan drink). guarantees 100% that the ‘leaked’ trailer is a fake. Darmani Macho manga is my weakness. Participating subs are related or friendly to the Star Trek science fiction franchise. Right Wing Trek. Timo Fleet Admiral Admiral. Dec 2, 2019 #7 Disliking section 31 was more Julian beshear's hat Sysco new of them and didn't like them but I think whenever they came up it wasn't a real deal. Garak put a bomb on the Senator's ship and killed him. Toggle navigation. Jono, Dec 17, 2008 #2. For Conservative Star Trek Fans. Original post: Trash talk is part of the game, but some think UR’s Guard might have gone too far in a recent tweet. Previous: View Gallery Random Image: Next More: It's a Fake! The rest of the OP’s list seems to have been pretty well covered at this point. For the narration it didn't really matter, the main point was that Sisko's lie had been found out. Some previous cases Senator Vreenak has weighed in on… Fake Trailer Fake FX Footage. United Federation of Reddit /r/UnitedFederation is an automated subreddit showcasing the submissions made by its members. SHARE TWEET PIN SHARE. 114 Comments . I've watched this episode several times already. Old and now busted: The Museum of the Bible has 16 "Dead Sea scrolls" fragments. - GW Tiger P is almost certainly a fake, I think we covered a lot of that topic earlier - GW E-100 is a complete Wargaming fake - the VK7201 120 ton fake, we covered that extensively. Meanwhile, on Garak's advice, Sisko arranges a secret meeting with Vreenak, an influential Romulan senator. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Its Fake animated GIFs to your conversations. Even Thomas the Tank Engine Was a Digital Fake in Ant-Man. Sisko invites the Romulan Senator Vreenak (Joseph McHattie) to DS9 to show him the recording, but the senator sees through the lie. Senator Vreenak, “In The Pale Moonlight,” Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Fake Hologram. - Senator Vreenak on the existence of a DS9's Dilithium Synthesizer Like us on Facebook! I laughed so hard when i first saw this meme on DS9. Some chapters may eventually be M, Vreenak/OC. And, I feel like Romulans may be due for another crew member. They probably could care less that most Westerners are … Browse the user profile and get inspired. It's a Fake! Only one phrase can describe the 2020 Presidential Election: It's a FAKE! Check out Senator-Vreenak's art on DeviantArt. 2 years & no comments. New hotness: Romulan Senator Vreenak has announced the results of a scientific study of those fragments Second, is to know which surveys to attempt that allow the ability to complete them with keyboard input only. Until now. Senator Vreenak of Romulus and Ensign Reina Hence of Earth are grudgingly dragged into working together in a cultural exchange program and establish ties of their own. So, Guinan’s much-awaited arrival — yay and thank you!! Garak is sure that if invited by Captain Sisko himself, Vreenak would be willing to make an unannounced, 'secret' visit to Deep Space Nine. I didn't think anyone else had it. Pin Tweet Shop the Meme. Andrew Liszewski . As Sisko faces the possibility that his actions may actually force the Romulans to join with the Dominion, he learns that Vreenak's ship was destroyed en route home. Perhaps his most famous appearance is in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) episode "In the Pale Moonlight," where he plays Romulan Joined: Aug 26, 2003...Also, odds are that Vreenak didn't need any analysis to decide that the rod was a fake. Vreenak is an influential senator, the one who negotiated the non-aggression pact, and who continues to be a hardliner in maintaining peaceful relations with the Dominion. Aside from his fan-favorite declaration that the evidence regarding a planned Dominion invasion of Romulus was fake, Vreenak’s primary contribution to Star Trek lore came in the form of his death. ShawnDre Jones, the University of Richmond Basketball guard in question, sent a pretty clear message via twitter to VCU’s basketball time yesterday AM – a solid middle finger and “fuck VCU” screen capped from what appears to be a Snapchat post. … In hindsight, yes." World of Tanks does have fake tanks.

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