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The skull can also be destroyed with a basic attack. The Kongs should now roll into them to scatter each individual upside-down, then proceed stomping on every one of them. Normally peaceful creatures, the first seven bosses will display hostility towards the Kongs once hypnotized by the higher-ranking members of the Tiki Tak Tribe, employed to guard portions of the banana hoard. Cliff Music Gallery: Beat the boss of the Cliff section. ), particularly those that possess the boss enemies. A single roll attack is also decisive. The music is the same as in the original game, except it's followed immediately by … Hypnotized by Gong-Oh. Notify me about new: Guides. A yellow species of frogs related to Frogoons. Donkey Kong Country Returns: The title theme, directly ripped from Donkey Kong Country Returns. KiCt27. All rights reserved. K-O-N-G Letters also return in every level, and they are mandatory to collect for a perfect completion score. A thin platform hidden amongst ground. Some Tiki Zings can be found floating in one place, other fly on set patterns, tracing straight lines and circles in the air, and might group themselves in miscellaneous formations, as seen in. Some levels have more than one checkpoint. A cylindrical robot containing a flamethrower, making it capable of shooting flames. Tunes followed by an asterisk (*) have been given a title in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Donkey Kong Country Returns is a 2010 Platform Game produced by Nintendo and Retro Studios (of Metroid Prime fame); it's the first entry in the series since Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble in 1996 and the first in the series canon since Donkey Kong 64 in 1999. After approximately thirty seconds, Donkey Kong will start playing a Nintendo DS. Why the Switch is the PERFECT Second Console! Squeeklies can be knocked out with any attack technique. The game was later made publicly available on the North American Wii U eShop on September 22, 2016. Squid Shots cannot be destroyed, but can be walked on or touched safely. A gargantuan equivalent of Tiki Buzz. As he slowly walks across the area, he will sometimes suddenly turn red and walk hurriedly for a brief moment. Moments later, the seven high-ranked tikis hypnotize the ani… Below is a table listing all levels in the game, along with the number of Puzzle Pieces each one has (five, seven, or nine), as well as the music theme playing there. After the credits, a Golden Temple appears on the island. n/a; Lossless Digital). Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, a Bootleg of songs by David Wise, 松岡大祐 [Daisuke Matsuoka], 濱野美奈子 [Minako Hamano] & 後田信二 [Shinji Ushiroda]. He's the second boss you'll have to defeat when playing Donkey Kong Country Returns. Jungle Hijinx ~DK Island Swing Returns~ 4. The player controls Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, who can use various moves such as jumping and rolling to defeat enemies and to progress in a level. It patrols a single platform back and forth and can be taken out by any signs of attack. They are very frequent in the main level space and in. People who listended to this also liked: Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest Nintendo SNES (SPC) Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Mugly will also jump high in the air, trying to thump the Kongs. One of the Donkey Kong Country trilogy's highlights is its sublime musical score, which I had hoped would be equally as strong in Donkey Kong Country Returns. A blackened Tiki Buzz set on fire. 7-B Feather Fiend. However, hanging Skittlers are dangerous to run into with a roll attack. To add to the difficulty, Donkey Kong only gets one hit point, and as such, all recovery hearts are removed. In each world, the Kongs can come across Cranky Kong's Shop, where Cranky sells various items that can be used in the course of the game. Roll off the edge of the cliff, and then jump at the last second to reach a safe ledge above. Donkey Kong Country Returns Boss Guide Boss #1- Mugly Proceed forward when you land in the first area. After traversing the island's many regions, the Kongs come face-to-face with Tiki Tong, who turns the stolen bananas into banana juice and spews it on each high-ranking member of the Tiki Tak Tribe to transform them into a pair of hands. Best VGM 684 ... Let's Play Donkey Kong Country Returns - Episode 6 - Poppin' Planks & Sloppy Sands. The original Wii game was later released for digital download on the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U on January 21-22, 2015 in all regions except North America. Mole enemies, mostly found in vehicle riding levels and appearing in various stances. Self-destructing Blast Barrels, showing a skull symbol inside an explosion, also exist. The Tikis drift down into the jungle, where they hypnotize the wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, zebras, and squirrels. A Tiki with a coil-wound body. If the Kongs grab onto its vine-looking tongue, the Vine Chomp will suck it back inside its mouth, along with the characters. If done correctly, Diddy gets on Donkey Kong's back and two extra hearts appear in the health HUD, but one of the main hearts is empty, while it naturally would refill when the barrel breaks. If all the current balloons are lost, the player receives a Game Over. Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ. Specifics: Donkey Kong Chocolate Banana Shake, Donkey Kong poster, Kong's banana hoard sign, t-shirt, To promote the game, Nintendo partnered Chiquita to cross-promote the game for a limited time by having Donkey Kong promotion stickers on their bananas. Thugly will slow down if jumped over, folding his incandescent shell due to inertia and leaving his rear side open to a jump attack. It walks down a path, being harmful if simply touched from behind or front. Segui. He scurries across the battle arena with his mouth open in an attempt to swallow the Kongs. Snapses usually appear from underground, drilling outwards through the sand. 2018-04-18T09:34:29Z. One of the Tikis' high-ranking members suddenly appears and pushes Donkey Kong back into his tree house. A stack formation of brown Acks. Donkey Kong Country Returns is a side-scrolling 2.5D platform game developed by Retro Studios for the Wii.It is the fourth game in the Donkey Kong Country series, the first since Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! It is completely inoffensive and can be collapsed with five stomp attacks. Mugly appears in the Jungle world where he can be seen eating some bananas until Kalimba hypnotizes him to attack Donkey and Diddy. ... Music galleries. 2019-01-09T00:58:57Z Comment by EsoVer. As a relative of Mugly, he uses similar tactics during the fight. In 2014, a sequel was released for the Wii U, titled Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They are located in the immediate background, and even though they cannot be interacted with directly, the Kongs can pound the surface in front of them to release the item inside. These rhythmic rabble-rousers are up to no good. Orange Skittlers plunge onto the ground and start walking directly. Shiny gold medals require an even faster time than normal gold medals, and their required time is not shown in the game. People who listended to this also liked: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Nintendo 3DS (3SF) Donkey Kong - Barrel Blast Nintendo Wii When a Kong touches an enemy or spikes, they lose one heart. Even though Rareware — the developer responsible for the original trilogy — had been stolen away, Donkey Kong Country Returns managed to capture the same charm carried by its ancestors. Beat the Boss at the Volcano section. Boss battles may be sequential, meaning the boss will become more aggressive as it takes more hits. Copyright © 1997-2021 Cheat Code Central. It flies in one position and tosses bombs at the Kongs. Should they end up in the mouth of a Vine Chomp, the creature will chew and injure them. Donkey Kong awakens and opens the tree house door, noticing the last few loads of bananas being stolen. After they spot the Kongs, they will collapse and toss themselves towards the protagonists in an attempt to hurt them. Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! As with the mine cart, if the Rocket Barrel crashes, the Kongs will lose a life. However, the timer does not reset if players are taken out by enemies, obstacles, or an abyss. A valuable object needed to unlock the gateway to the, A wooden object that is sometimes found lying on the ground. A common item that refills one space of the health counter. Grunt-level enemies, slowly moving back and forth on platforms. DK and Diddy Kong sees an obese rhino Mugly eating their bananas. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a platform game developed by Retro Studios and published by Nintendo for the Wii U console. Enough with the noise, already! He also runs the checkpoint booths. A Tiki Zing variant shrouded in flames. Doing either of these will flip the enemy upside down and allow the Kongs to attack its underside, the vulnerable spot. It can be defeated using any attack technique, such as stomping, rolling, barrel throwing, or Rambi's charge. [11] At the same time, Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to make a new Donkey Kong Country game and suggested Retro Studios as its developer. The soundtrack of the game features various rearrangements of past Donkey Kong melodies, with the other tunes being new. If both Kongs are together, the health counter has a total of four hearts, two per Kong. They will fixate their teeth into the ground, remaining there until receiving a stomp. When the enemy is almost touching him, throw the barrel so that it breaks before Donkey Kong gets damaged. Each world of the game ends with a boss battle. The Kongs can get an extra life if they collect 100 bananas or a Red Balloon, or by jumping on eight consecutive enemies in a row (just like the Super Mario series). Before they go off, BuckBombs can be picked up and hurled into other enemies. As they lunge their weapons to impale the primates, they can be jumped on to make them raise their claws above their bodies, leaving their sides open for a ground pound or roll attack. If Donkey Kong and Diddy lose all of their lives, the player gets a Game Over. Cave Music Gallery: Beat the boss of the Cave section. Diddy has his own version of ground pounding, the Popgun Pound. Mimics can be taken out using any attack method. An orange crab enemy crawling back and forth on the ground. The Kongs can only avoid being squashed by a Skittler Pillar, without being able to destroy it. In 1 Player mode, the player controls Donkey Kong. A green frog enemy that attacks by simply jumping in one place. An enemy that is constantly covered in red flames, walking back and forth on the ground. The staff kept the public entertained with trivia questions; answering them correctly will be rewarded with a free Donkey Kong shirt. After three hits, Thugly will morph into a second phase, when he starts spewing trails of fire, along with using the other tactics. Hypnotized by Kalimba. However, Big Zings cannot be defeated by any means of attack. He can perform usual actions like jumping, rolling on a short distance, and ground pounding. Donkey Kong Country Returns, known in Japanese as Donkey Kong Returns, is a side-scrolling 2.5D platform game developed by Retro Studios for the Wii. Users who like Donkey Kong Country Returns OST (Gear Getaway) The game stars Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, who must recover the banana hoard from a new group of villains, the Tiki Tak Tribe. A sturdy Tiki reinforced with stone. Donkey Kong Country Returns 2. Defeat the Boss of the indicated island section to unlock the corresponding music gallery at the "Extras" menu. It also uses them as defense, kicking and hurting the Kongs with them. An object hanging with a rope from above. In 2013, the game was ported to the Nintendo 3DS, titled Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. After the cutscene, the player gets control. The Kongs can slip past Stompybot 3000 when it raises its feet to walk. A clumsy, white turkey enemy walking on stilts, hence its name. A variation of the Bonehead Jed that can spit fireballs. Diddy looks out of a window from DK's Tree House and spots the animals with the stolen bananas in the distance. Occasionally, he will also drop a. Hypnotized by Banjo Bottom. They are only able to hurt the Kongs if they come into contact with their lateral sides. Small dinosaur skeletons traveling by small carts, pushing their wheels to move forward. On July 4, 2019 at approximately 9 pm UTC+8, the game was silently released on the Chinese Nvidia Shield store without any prior notice from Nvidia's Chinese website or its social media accounts. The only way to destroy an Electrasquid is by using a barrel. [12] This can sometimes be fixed by entering and exiting the Home Menu.[13]. Unlike the previous Donkey Kong Country titles, Donkey Kong and Diddy each have two hearts to represent their health status. Use Diddy Kong's jetpack to super bounce from the lower squid to the higher squid shot out from the turrets. Most of the time they can only be avoided. Donkey Kong 64 is a 1999 adventure platform game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64.It is the first Donkey Kong game to feature 3D gameplay. The game is divided into eight main worlds and an extra level, the Golden Temple. Is the Oculus on a Quest to Make VR a Success? Defeat the Boss of the indicated island section to unlock the corresponding music gallery at the "Extras" menu. This usually leads to secrets, such as Bonus Areas. While burning, it can only be defeated with a thrown barrel; touching one in this state is harmful. An electrified robot resembling a pogo stick. In Level 2-2: Sloppy Sands, there is an area just before the second checkpoint pig around the middle of the level with two squid turrets below a bridge. A variant of the Tiki Torch that emits blue flames. However, Squidlys can be defeated with a stomp or a thrown barrel. Donkey Kong Country Returns continues the tradition. Vines are used to sway above chasms or climb atop higher areas. Although harmful if simply touched from one side, as they bite, Tiki Goons can be destroyed using any form of attack, such as. A barrel-shaped device used to fly. A bunch of shifty-eyed musical miscreants just kicked our volcano into overdrive and took over Donkey Kong Island! Ferndozers look like monstrous tanks with a Barrel holding a giant chainsaw and a robotic arm. When entering a bonus room, the transition is a reference to the Batman transition. A relative of Snaps that makes use of its claws and wears a protective pirate bandana. It will charge into the Kongs as it spots them in an attempt to attack. Allow the game to idle. Tiki Boings can be defeated using any form of attack. A vehicle used to travel on rails which cannot be walked on. An overgrown koala enemy riding a helicopter-like carriage. The 2-Player Cooperative Mode allows Diddy to be present without Donkey Kong. While its behavior remains unchanged, slowly traversing patches of ground, it can be taken out with three stomps, as opposed to one. Successfully complete the game and Mirror mode with all KONG letters and puzzle pieces collected to get a 200% game completion and unlock the following gallery images: Mole Carts, Petroglyph, Steamy Adventure, Temple Entrance, Temple Exterior, Tiki Extremes, Tiki Tong Storyboard, Volcanic Ascension. If pounded, it will spin for a short time, allowing the Kongs to fall beneath it. A type of barrel similar to Barrel Cannons, it is marked with a white explosion symbol. Hypnotized by Xylobone. The Time Attack mode is accessible when any level has been completed at least once. How to Improve Our Industry (With No Comment Section Wars), Why the XSX Looks the Same (and That's OK), The Positive Side of Streaming (You Might Have Missed). It appears in a Rocket Barrel stage, during which it tries to impede the Kongs in different ways. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. It regularily leaps from the water and slowly floats back down in a straight line. A rearrangement of "Life in the Mines Returns", with cyber-punk beats added, Shake: Ground Pound, Blow (while crouching), Roll (while walking/running), Charge (while walking/running on Rambi). Similarly to Buzzbites, Cling Cobras are able to stick to any kind of grassy surface. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review, Fortnite Returns to iOS, Dragon Age Director's New Studio, New Map/Ships Coming to Squadrons, Crazy Spider-Man Glitch, Microsoft's Bethesda Plans, Snyder Preferred 2-Part Justice League, Twitch Apologizes for DMCA, Mortal Kombat Film Delayed, Spider-Man Saves Will Transfer on PS5, Remote Play on PS4, Sega Sells Arcade Business, Celebrity Coming to Assassin’s Creed. Questions. If the Kongs get all the Rare Orbs from the eight Kong Temples, they can access the Golden Temple. Three stomps on its body are necessary to defeat it. A small dispatch of mole enemies using bombs to destroy the track in front of the Kongs during mine cart rides. To move, the enemy pushes its cage in the desired direction, possibly ramming into the Kongs and hurting them. Frogoons can be flown away by any means of attack. Donkey Kong shakes his fist in anger. Since Mole Guards appear in the foreground, they never come in direct contact with the Kongs. Before they detonate, the bombs can be thrown back at the enemy to knock it out. The final boss is a giant Tiki head, with hands that extend out to kill you. Its body is covered with pores that emit poisonous particles. A giant kraken-like octopus that creates an obstacle course using his large, spike-covered arms. It hops back and forth down the alley, alternating from short to high jumps. New Play Control! Nvidia eventually posted about the game on July 12 at 3:13 pm UTC+8.[5]. A thin plant hanging from the forest canopy. This game utilizes two different control schemes, which are the by itself, and the with the Nunchuk Attachment, which serves as the primary control scheme. It displays a bull's-eye and contains a valuable item, such as a Puzzle Piece. Donkey Kong Country Returns . Nothing burns that boy's biscuits like someone messing with his precious bananas! It moves with rhythmical bounces, enabling it to attack the Kongs in the process. Hypnotized by Wacky Pipes. Three more hits defeat him. He uses them in several attack methods, such as laying them flat and sweeping them across the arena, slamming them on the ground, and powerfully clapping them to squash the Kongs. They quickly move around walls and platforms, leaving a short trail of fire behind. They are dangerous to touch and cannot be destroyed. The music of Diddy’s Kong Quest set a distinctively sinister and mysterious tone for Crocodile Isle, ... Donkey Kong Country Returns was a blast, ... the first boss of Tropical Freeze. It ploughs down into the abyss, destroying the Kongs in one hit. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Puzzle Pieces are also the objective of Bonus Areas. Music Madness ~Fear Factory Returns… They cannot be defeated. Tanabe also asked for the creation of a multiplayer mode to distinguish the game from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Banana Bunches are less common than singular bananas, and they represent five or ten bananas. Fireballs are indestructible. When visiting Cranky Kong's Shop, the game may freeze during transitions, such as when buying items or even entering the shop. After a while, he will thump full-force into the ground. A character that pops up from the background to offer indications on how to perform certain actions, such as blowing and rolling. Mugly is what appears to be an amalgamation of a rhino, a toad and a porcupine that acts as the first boss in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, as well as the boss to Jungle world of Donkey Kong Island.Like many of the other animals on the island, Mugly is under the control of the Tiki Tak Tribe. A flaming sub-species of Buzzbites. It is vertical and moves up and down, powerfully striking the ground. An incandescent rock, usually displaying a grinning face. Yellow Chomps can be defeated with a barrel. Some of them are solitary, while other form electrical bonds with each other. Despite being armed with claws, Snapses do not use them. The Kongs must attack this portion three times to vanquish Tiki Tong. 2) Donkey Kong Country Returns After fifteen years of waiting, this fantastic game did exactly what it suggested: it revived a long-dead series in a way that only it could. Wii Games. If the Kongs lose all of their hearts, they lose an extra life. For example, Rawks, which are common in the Jungle world, can be also encountered in Damp Dungeon, a level from the Ruins world, as well as the Golden Temple, the last area to be explored in the game. The player must grab the DK Barrel and wait the enemy to approach Donkey Kong. [6] Nintendo also partnered with Johnny Rockets to rebrand their Chocolate Banana Shake as the "Donkey Kong Chocolate Banana Shake" for a limited time. It cannot be touched anyhow, but can be defeated from distance with a barrel. They attempt to attack the Kongs by repeatedly charging towards them in flight. However, a blow will dissolve its flames, leaving it dizzy and as vulnerable as a standard Tiki Buzz. Successfully complete the bonus level in a world to get a Rare Orb. Screaming Pillars can crush the protagonists, as well as any other creature standing right below them. They launch the said blades towards the current position of Donkey Kong, before retreating into the portal. Normal-sized Wigglevines can ferry the Kongs above vast abysses using short vines attached to them. The adventure is littered with noteworthy objects that can be used or manipulated in various ways or purposes. Donkey Kong Country Returns. On March 31, 2016, the digital re-release was made available in North America exclusively for My Nintendo users. However, Toothberries can be defeated using any attack method. Walking Skittlers can be defeated using any attack. After hitting the higher squid, simply bounce again on the lower squid. Then, the player's total time is recorded and a bronze, silver, gold, or shiny gold medal is awarded, depending on how fast the player did in the level. Yellow Pyrobots can be wrecked with three basic stomp attacks, but the red models are resistant and require a barrel or a. Just what do they want with all those stolen bananas? They contain items, ranging from bananas to Puzzle Pieces. When the Tutorial Pig finishes the countdown and waves the green flag, the timer and level will officially start. It is more resistant than the regular Chomp and cannot be destroyed. Nintendo has used this final Boss type in multiple games, including Andross in Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64) and Magic Hands in Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube). It featured a tower of bananas with a sign next to it saying "Kong's Banana Hoard", along with a variety of banana-based foods. Two stomps are needed to destroy an Ack, but it can be taken out immediately using a roll attack or a barrel. They can be overcome with any attack. Enough with the noise, already! However, it takes four consecutive chomps before it attacks, as opposed to two. Add this game to my: ... Beach Music: Beat the boss of the Beach section. A bigger sub-species of Toothberries showing the same behavior. In Donkey Kong Country Returns players can team up as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, in order to complete a fun-filled series of challenges, ... Beach Music Gallery: Beat the boss of the Beach section. The Boss theme from Donkey Kong Country 2, Boss Bossonova, is damn epic, and really suits the mood when you've got things like lightning in the background of the boss battle. Some of them are seen traveling on rails in mine carts, and can be defeated by stomping or simply crashing with them, though the latter will cost the Kongs a life. A robot designed after household chickens. This set of four letters is found in each level (excluding temple and boss levels) in this order. However, recollecting the letters in Mirror Mode is not necessary to complete the game 200%. After traversing three sets of mole-infested wagons driven by the Mole Train, the Kongs arrive at the locomotive, where they face Mole Miner Max. The Kongs are able to put out the fire engulfing a Tiki Torch using a short blow. It otherwise behaves the same, using a cart to move and periodically extending its head.

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