can we visit other planets

It should move our hearts to wonder and praise. From beginning to end he’s there, towering far above everything, everyone. Will he dispatch exploratory and governing expeditions to these worlds, where his glory will be seen in new and magnificent creations? Because the whole universe fell under mankind’s sin, we can conclude that the whole universe was intended to be under mankind’s dominion. If you’ve been impacted by our resources, we invite you to make a year-end gift before December 31. Give painters a room full of canvases, and they will paint. However, it’s possible that indestructible resurrected bodies could endure its atmosphere. Even the present Heaven appears to occupy space. I’ll bet you can’t wait to get there!” After hearing our christoplatonic statements about Heaven, stripped of the meaning of resurrection, no wonder we and our children don’t get excited about Heaven. (If it doesn’t have space, it’s not even a “there.”) In fact, they make Heaven sound utterly alien and unappealing. . Why does the creation wait eagerly for our resurrection? The redemption of the earth is, in spite of all, still bound up with man. . The proper question is not, Why would God create new worlds? Mankind’s fall may have initiated a divine moratorium on creation. Can you imagine ………(walk) up to a Martian and shaking hands Plus Ultra—there will always be more to discover about our God. If so, then the entire new universe will be ours to travel to, inhabit, and rule—to God’s glory. Man is the instrument for the redemption of the earthly creation. For those of us who love astronomy and for fantasy and science-fiction fans, this has exciting implications. Those who consider extraterrestrial creation a foolish notion shouldn’t dismiss too quickly the longing and intuitive sense that many people have about intelligent creatures different from ourselves. If we will travel to other galaxies, will we also be able to travel in time? Venus. Even though planets are far away in space, many of them are visible at night during certain times. What is particularly noteworthy about the current alignment is how close four of the five planets -- Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn -- … The breadth and depth of Christ’s redemptive work will escape us as long as we think it is limited to humanity. I believe the great nebula of Orion, which has drawn hearts, including mine, to worship through its expansive beauty and wonder, will be refashioned as part of the new heavens. Orfeo Angelucci. Sound far-fetched? We’ll live in resurrected bodies on a resurrected Earth. It is visible in the morning in … If it means only that his government shall be all-encompassing, it might say, “Of his governmental authority there will be no limit.” That’s also true, but again it’s not the point. But it is a pleasant beginning, isn’t it?”. The two biggest planets in the Solar System by far— Jupiter and Saturn — will pass just 0.06º from each other and be visible shining almost as one after sunset in the west. Perhaps you will be. Other similarities to Earth come into sharper focus in the search for life. (May God give us the grace to see this now while we can still revise and edit our lives.). Grassy meadows, fields of multicolored flowers—colors she had never seen before. I guess he’s been reading his Star Trek Technical Manuals. God was pleased to reconcile to himself all things, on Earth and in Heaven. Those with good eyes (especially children) and dark skiesmay be able to s… Any one of these planets might support life, as we know it. Both Genesis and Romans 8 suggest otherwise. Ask most people across the world and they will tell you that they believe in the possibility of life on another planet and they will generally clarify themselves so as not to appear as a “crackpot” that the life on other planets does not have to be “aliens.” There are others who will openly admit to a belief in alien life forms and they will even share with you stories of alien abduction. During a spectacular meteor shower a few years earlier, I’d stood on our deck watching a clear sky. Therefore, there’s no reason to assume we won’t enjoy high-tech modes of travel on the New Earth. It's fun to think about travelling to other planets, but I don't think any evolutionary beings like us get to do that until they are ascended mortals; at the time of our death, our personality and our soul travel to the Mansion Worlds, and after that we do travel from sphere to sphere in … In 2009, NASA launched a spacecraft called Kepler to look for exoplanets. How Can Tech Companies Become More Human Focused? Or perhaps it will always increase because the new universe, though still finite, may be so vast that what Christ creates in a moment will never be exhaustively known by finite beings. . These may be aberrations due to the Curse. Visiting a Star Trek convention demonstrates how this—like anything else—can become a substitute religion, but the fervor points to a truth: We do possess a God-given longing to know a greater intelligence and to explore what lies beyond our horizons. Unless mankind finds a way to bypass the laws of Physics (not much chance of that) no matter how much we want to go there, most of the rest of the universe is beyond our lifespan. Concerning the repeated references to our reigning over God’s universe, Dr. Henry Grattan Guinness writes, “We must not regard this as a figure of speech, but as the description of an actual reality.”, Humans are made to be kingdom builders, but history demonstrates that when we try to build without God as King, our “utopias” become hell on Earth. As the source is greater than the tributary, God, the Light, is infinitely greater than those little light-bearers we know as stars. So it is the heavens and the earth that eagerly await our resurrection. It’s good news for the sky above and the earth below. We are finite physical creatures, and that means we must live in space and time. Perhaps we will be able to travel to the far ends of the New Earth, or even the remote parts of the New Universe, in the blink of an eye. Not only God’s creatures but even inanimate objects seem to feel it. When we travel in the new universe, will we find new beings on other worlds? I’d think it would be the talk of heaven!”, The Carpenter smiled at her. with nothing to block our view. The restoration of the current universe alone will provide unimaginable territories for us to explore and establish dominion over to God’s glory. As your father once built you that tree house, I fashioned this place just for you.”, Nancy beamed. Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies. No Scripture passage proves that God will or will not create new races of intelligent beings, either on Earth or on other planets spread across the new universe. After I became a Christian, I found that gazing through the telescope became an act of delighted worship. On the New Earth people might invent machinery that could take us to the far ends of the New Milky Way, to other galaxies and beyond. In my novel Dominion I try to depict this in a scene in which Jesus takes a woman who has died to a new world: Eventually they arrived on a world more beautiful than Dani could fathom—cascading waterfalls, rainbows of a hundred colors, mountain peaks five times higher than any on earth. . In The Biblical Doctrine of Heaven, Wilbur Smith writes, “The basic undertone of all that is revealed in the Apocalypse concerning the activities of heaven may be summed up in this one word throne.” Revelation isn’t primarily a book about the Antichrist or the Tribulation; it’s a book about God reigning. Then, darling, you and I and all will have grand liberty wherewith Christ makes free—opening his hand to send us out like white doves to range the universe.”. Science fiction is the result of mankind’s God-given sense of adventure, wonder, creativity, and imagination. Like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol and George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life, perhaps we’ll see how we affected others, and how living our lives differently might have influenced them. I now think it’s likely I will. It’s hard for me to believe God made countless cosmic wonders intending that no human eye would ever behold them and that no human should ever set foot on them. It meant “More Beyond.” This was a horizon-expanding message to people who’d always believed the world they knew was all there was. But this shouldn’t cause us to dismiss its glimpses of what an infinitely creative God might fashion across the broad expanse of the new heavens and the New Earth. When I look at the Horsehead Nebula and ask myself what it’s like there, I think that one day I’ll know. The base of Olympus Mons is 370 miles across and would cover the entire state of Nebraska. Note that John calls it a mountain, not the mountain. Above me was the Leonid meteor shower, the finest display of celestial fireworks until the year 2096. Because I did not miss the celestial event of my lifetime. One reason might be to show us his providence, grace, and goodness in our lives and the lives of others. C. S. Lewis wrote, “Don’t run away with the idea that when I speak of the resurrection of the body I mean merely that the blessed dead will have excellent memories of their sensuous experiences on earth. The “new heaven” in Revelation 21:1 apparently refers to exactly the same atmospheric and celestial heavens as “heavens” does in Genesis 1:1.

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